Neterprises, LLC

Create. Make. Build. Plant. Heal. Teach. Maintain. Protect.
2. Difficult Words. With Everybody Talking and Shrieking: "ME! ME! ME!," sometimes you need to get off by yourself, Chill to some Smooth music, and Meditate on the Real Meanings behind all the Words and Noise.
3. Escape? ...maybe... Is it Freedom or a Worse Trap? Hurry, but don't rush! Make a few Quiet Moments. Chill a bit, and Contemplate your options. Choose Wisely. Be sure, because once you implement your decision, well....
4. Free! Now What?. Contemplative Chill, with an occasional Head-bop.
5. Home by Six. Chill, Mostly smooth, and Unabashedly Weird.
6. Jopvyz X. If you like like your music chilled, smooth and with a tiny touch of weird, come snuggle in at Jopvyz 10.
7. Nope! Won't Quit! A nice, little musical stew, great for annoying insufferable, music snobs.
8. Stories. A Mellow Mix of Melodies from Mischievous to Melancholy.
9. Strong Sista Weeping. Chilled Soul-Ache on a Sleeting, Overcast Monday.
10. Tad Quirky. Not all Quiet Places are Peaceful, some are Dangerous and Scary. But, if those places reside in MY mind, the music birthed from those Quiet Places is Guaranteed to be a...Tad Quirky....
11. The Scary Man's Smile. Chill, with an Ominous Nip.
12. There You Go Again. Chilled Silliness. Mostly...
14. Tryin' to Behave. Mischief in the key of Chill. Mostly...
15. Zed. Electronic, Smooth, Jazz-Fusion Stories, with a couple of Nightmares tossed in, just to keep things interesting.
1. Away. A chill journey to Strange, Other Places, sometimes Upbeat, sometimes Melancholy.
13. Too Many Bosses. Melancholy? Angry? Fed Up? ...yep...